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Is your chocolate fair?
Certainly, almost all our chocolate is ‘UTZ certified’. Besides that do a lot have ‘Rainforest Alliance’ and we have ecological chocolate!

What % of cacoa do you have?
We have everything, from white to 99% pure chocolate. Most dark pralines are 65 to 72%.

What makes the difference in %?
Sugar mostly. So a 72% is 72% cacoa and 28% sugar.

Do you have sugar free?
No, not completely. We have a ‘sugar low’ line. In choc bars, pralines and spoons. It is called sugar low, because we cannot guarantee for 100% that the chocolate is free from sugar. This because there is always a rest of chocolate in the machines.

Do you have gluten free?
No, there can always be traces of gluten in EVERY product. We do not have a seperate work place where we can produce gluten free.

What contains nuts?
In ALL spreads are nuts, this is because we need to make the chocolate liquid. So we use nut paste. On the back of the product you can find more information. We use a lot of nut pastes, so again ALL products may contain nuts.

The 99% is that pure chocolate?
The 99% is very pure. That is why there is a little bit of milk powder (less than 1%) to make the chocolate less dry and gritty. The 85% is milk free!

Is that curler for cheese?
Yes, it is a cheese twister BUT, we made chocolate for it!! Curl your chocolate for decoration or on the coffee table. There is nut paste in to make it easier to cut.

What’s a mendiant?
A mendiant is a little square chocolate.

Is there a price difference in those Mini-Mendiants?

Yes, we have de luxe and normal. On de luxe are nuts and more decoration. We decorate it by hand.

What can you do with those spreads? Is that for toast? You dutch put everything on bread.
Yes! We love it on bread, but you can use it for lots of things! On your pancake, with fresh fruit. In your coffee, as topping on your cake, you name it!

Where does the BIO chocolate come from?
This lovely chocolate is from Peru! It is nice and fruty and has notes of glüwein, red fruit and gingerbread.

Whats the difference in origins?
We have chocolate from Madagascar (spiced and earthly), Venezuela (dark and fresh), Tanzania (dark & warm), Ecuador (flowery and round) and Peru (red fruit, fresh and nutty).

Why is that?
This is because the chocolate gets a different flavour when it grows on different ground. Just like wine and coffee. Besides that it is roasted delicately with only good beans. This way it doesn’t get so bitter.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes we do! Going from 10 euro’s to what you had in mind. At this point you can only purchase them in our cafés.

What filling do the pralines have?
All pralines have a genache filling. In the genache we will add spices, herbs, tea or fruit mousse. We ALWAYS use fresh products. Except the ‘nuts about you’ pralines. These have a nut cream filling and ofcourse marzipan is no genache. This is lubecker, which is marzipan made by hand.

Where does your chocolate come from?
We have a few suppliers. Cacao barry, Callebaut, lubeca and more. They can call the factory for more information (+31 (0)45 405 5030).

Do you make this yourself?
Certainly! Everything, including the cakes, these are all made by hand in our workplace in the Netherlands in Kerkrade.

How much per 100 gram for the pralines?
All pralines cost 5,75 per 100 gram. That will give you 10 or 11 in a bag! The box, we weigh with the price.

What kind of pralines do you have?
Our pralines are ordened in diferent categories. We have: 1. Nuts About You 2. The Forbidden Fruits 3. Origins 4. Classics 5. Colorfull 6. XL pralines 7. Sugar low 8. Marzipan, Champagne and Coffee

How many per box?
Wij have different boxes. The smallest (50gr) takes 5 to 8, above that (125gr) 16 to 18.
250gr has 25 to 31 500gr a lot and the 1000 even more. The pre-filled boxes have a set price and we put our best selection in these!

Why is your chocolate more expensive than regular supermarket chocolate?
We use high quality chocolate and make everything by hand. This costs extra man power.

Do you have truffels with cream?
No, our truffels are filled with a genache. We have a 72%, a champagne and a tiramisu truffle.

What is a genache?
Genache is a chocolate cream. We make it with full cream, butter, special sugar and good chocolate. While cooking the cream we sometimes add spices or herbs.

What is killer brownie?
That is the favorite killer walnut brownie!

Do you have cold chocolate?
Certainly! Normal or the ice blended Cold Choc in 5 different flavours!

Do you sell coffee too or just chocolate?
We also have delicious coffee!

Where does your coffee come from?
Right now it is a single origin 100% arabica from Sidamo. This is from Ethiopia, coffee’s natural habitat.

Do you only have sweets at your cafés?
We also serve lovely sandwiches or fresh muesli with fruit.

What do you do with that chocolate cascade?
We use it for the fondue, croissants, if you want extra on your cake, you name it!

What’s a Bombon tasting?
That is an offer of 4 pralines.

Do you have soda or something fresh?
Yes, we have some soda and home made ice tea!

Do you have anything to go?
Yes, you can take everything to go.

What’s a coffee special?
Special of the season. Often coffee with Chocspread and whipped cream.

What’s the difference between a High Tea or a High Choc?
They are the same, except the High Choc includes a chocolate milk (with cream?!) and has a mini fondue instead of a fruit stick covered in chocolate.

Do I need a reservation?
That is best, click here to make your reservation at one of our cafés.

What is a Cold Choc ice blended?
A lovely blended chocolate with ice cubes and a big praline that contains the flavour

Do you have lactose free chocolate?
Yes we do! Below a list of lactose free products

  • 85% Hotchocspoon
  • 72% Hotchocspoon
  • Chili Hotchocspoon
  • Hot Chili Orange Hotchocspoon
  • Salty Caramel Hotchocspoon
  • Brownie Hotchocspoon
  • Espresso Hotchocspoon
  • Orange Hotchocspoon
  • Hazelnut Caramel Hotchocspoon
  • Deluxe Irish Whisky Hotchocspoon
  • Deluxe Cognac Hotchocspoon
  • Deluxe BIO Hotchocspoon
  • XS 72% Hotchocspoon
  • 99% Chocbar
  • 85% Chocbar
  • 72% Chocbar
  • Chili Chocbar
  • After 8 Chocbar
  • Salty Caramel Chocbar
  • Low Sugar Dark Chocbar
  • Brownie Chocbar
  • Deluxe Fruit & Nuts Chocbar
  • 72% Hotchocdip
  • Strawberry Hotchocdip
  • Hazelnut Caramel Hotchocdip
  • Brownie Hotchocdip

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