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Chocolate milk in fifty flavours... Impossible!

We thought not! Our Hotchocspoon makes it happen.

An invention of chef Toussaint in 2004... de tastiest chocolate recipes and then moulded in a block on a spoon. Stir it up in hot milk and here comes real chocolate milk instead of a powder drink. You can taste the difference.

The Hotchocspoon remains our favourite, but we now have much more on offer because premium chocolate simply invites to create! For example our chocolate pralines receuve a lot of labour and attention (we call them "BOMbons" the delicate flavours explode and melt in your mouth). Our nuts about you bombons were voted the best in the Dutch Valentine consumer test (Kassa! Vara).

Premium cocoabeans from different origins... not just any bean, selecting beautiful pralinés and couvertures, cooking up tasty recipes every day, which flavours go together... how will we create a beautiful flavour marriage...?

Our chocolate designers basically "cook" with chocolate... just like a chef.  Toussaint is a trained restaurant chef... that is why of course!  Everything at Chocolate Company is handmade... and our bakery items in our Cafés also come from an artisan bakery.

You can taste the difference time and time again.


Chocolate Company is a real family, after years of hard labour, Toussaint is still connected with the company as product and recipe developer. His wife Mirjam who started their first chocolate store, now leads the chocolate-atelier on a daily basis. Both are also co-owner of sister company Chocolate Company Retail which enables us to offer all these goodies in our Chocolate Company Cafés.
Places where you can comfortably enjoy... relax or a quick coffee after all... but always with a smile!

Chocolate Company only works with cocoa suppliers who are UTZ-certified. This is a global agricultural program to ensure sustainable development for farmers and the environment. If farmers produce sustainable chocolate, the chocolate is usually also of a high quality for the long-term. In this way, we also help ensure quality origins of our cocoa beans. Within the UTZ offering, we however continue to search the most beautiful and tasty chocolates...
Not every bean is equal... and this you can taste as well!

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