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These cheerful chocolates are combinations the most remarkable flavors Chocolate Company has in its range. And good news, they are also very tasty! It's real different from any other chocolate. Because of their special colors, but mainly because of their crazy flavors. These are chocolates in the shape of a cocoa bean with a delicous crispy chocolate shell.

Apple Syrup Biscuit: The apple in this white chocolate bonbon comes with a Belgian organic farmer and he makes only a few kilograms per year for these delicious with apple syrup, spices and caramel-filled chocolate.
Mango Caramel: A delicious frizoete bonbon stuffed with cane sugar, vanilla, caramel and mango.
Black Plum: A real good dark chocolate with a filling of black plums and a hint of cinnamon. A unique candy and a real taste sensation.
Cassis Cardamom: This beautiful candy from the Full Colour Collection is filled with cassis fruit and cardamom. Cardamom is related to ginger and intense smells of mint, citrus, pepper, cloves and allspice.
Lime: A soft dressing tarte citron (lemon meringue pie) and lime provide a tart with dark chocolate-coated candy.

Our range of chocolates called not for nothing Bombon ... taste so packed with unique fillings and topchocola. Each bombon is an absolute taste sensation. They are created by our designers with chocolate artisan skill.
Each bombon has had personal attention ... and you can taste it. These will make you really happy.

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