A sweet treat

Delicious creamy milk chocolate with a Christmas tree for the holidays.
Dark and creamy flavors, luxury gift! Four mixed delicious chocolate bars. The Chocbars in the photo are the basics, let us know you have alternative preferences!
Crunchy chocolicious these chocolate truffles. New products and a straw favorites among Chocolistas.
No preference for milk or dark or white chocolate? This nice 150g mix is a great choice.
A delicious chocolate giftpack to thank someone veeeeeery much!
Add a personal message to your chocolate gift. Enter the text for your card into the commentfield during the checkout of your order.
Absolute winners these Creamy chocolate truffles with a crips. This new products is favourite amoungst our Chocolistas
Lovely milk flavors, luxury gift! Four mixed delicious chocolate bars. Let us know you if you have a preference for specific flavors Chocbars, otherwise we will surprise you with our favourites!
The best hot chocolate pizzas for any moment of the day!
Send handmade chocolate gifts. A nice alternative to sending flowers.
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